To all supporters of Rideau Hill Camp,

     It is with a heavy heart that the Council of Rideau Hill Camp (RHC), has decided to cancel all camps for the 2021 season. The 13 member volunteer Council has reluctantly agreed that this was the safest, and most responsible decision, given the current circumstances.

      RHC council conducted a few surveys on having day camps this summer, and although there was some interest, our biggest obstacle was staffing. Given the ongoing uncertain nature of COVID the council made the decision to cancel all camps this summer.

     We are currently looking into the option of opening up the camp for rentals only in 2021 and will be deciding on that in the near future.

     RHC has been in operation since 1948, and during that time there have been lean years, but this is uncharted times and fortunately the camp will be able to survive the loss of summer 2020 and 2021. We are currently planning on taking this time off and catching up on some needed repairs and improvements for 2022 and  beyond. If you or someone you know would like to assist us in this area, please contact us as there will be many areas targeted for work.

Dale Kirkpatrick

RHC Council Chair




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